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nyEMTinfo.com provides:

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) coursework, continuing education, and training opportunities right at your fingertips
  • A convenient directory that outlines resources available in the region for current and prospective EMS and other pre-hospital care providers
  • Course and training providers a tool to easily post and promote upcoming courses
nyEMTinfo.com makes it easy to learn how to become an EMT or other emergency medical service provider and helps you to maintain and improve your certifications.
Most Recent Courses
Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) & Heart Failure (CHF) 10/17/17 Albany
Cardiac Arrest Management + ROSC 10/17/17 Albany
Diabetes 10/25/17 Albany
Immunologic Emergencies 10/25/17 Albany
PALS Full Course 10/25/17 Amsterdam
PALS - Refresher 11/1/17 Queensbury
ACLS Original Class 11/3/17 Queensbury
Advanced Medical Life Support 11/11/17 Queensbury
BLS CPR for the Healthcare Provider 11/14/17 Queensbury
PALS Renewal Course 11/15/17 Amsterdam
AHA ACLS Instructor Course @ Location TBA, Lake Placid, NY 11/16/17 Lake Placid

EMS Leadership Academy
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Mt. Lakes EMS Conference
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Helping you:

  • Learn how to become certified and stay certified as an EMT or a pre-hospital care provider in New York State
  • Identify New York State EMT requirements
  • Locate continuing medical education (CME) courses for health care providers in pre-hospital and hospital settings find emergency medical service (EMS) training programs
  • Post courses and training schedules if you are a provider of continuing education.
The development and maintenance of this recruitment and retention effort is a collaborative venture involving the following five agencies: